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Promoting dignity through independence.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of care possible to our clients through a person-centered approach and by combining the latest advances in medicine, client-centered compassionate care, and leading-edge information technology.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create an integrated healthcare delivery platform for high quality, safe, accessible and cost effective care that meets the needs of our clients, leading them to a place of stability. We put or best foot forward in creating a safe environment for our clients to help them heal physically as well as mentally.

Our Story

Everyone has a story to share, here is ours.

We were both born in Haiti, a very poor and insecure small Island. In Haiti success is rare even if you are educated. I am one of the blessed people of Haiti because I grew up in a wealthy family. My father was the director of a shipping company called, APN. My father owned 40 trucks serving the entire country. He had a heart that loved to help others, so he shared his riches with everyone, literally. My siblings and I were taken to school in private vehicles and we were accompanied by security guards. All of my siblings and I made it through college. Two of us are doctors, two others are entrepreneurs and our youngest brother will soon graduate high school.

A few years later, my father lost his job and for the first time I felt what it meant to struggle. Let me tell you, it was not easy. My mother is an amazing woman who also has a passion for helping others. While we could barely provide for ourselves, by the grace of GOD, she cooked enough dinner for the entire neighborhood every night.

Just as my parents, I have always had a heart that desires to be of help to all who needed help. After graduating from medical school, I went back home, Haiti, to help my neighborhood by providing free consultations, medications, referrals and food for each household monthly. A few months into providing assistance in the neighborhood, a few fellow doctors and myself, put together and created a clinic to help even more people. For years, I was considered the hero of Carrefour (the city I grew up in).

Two years later, I travelled to Mexico to complete my specialty in Microbiology. After completing my specialty I moved to New York, USA. In New York I met my wife, who was still a student at the time, studying Health Administration. By the grace of GOD, we faced and overcame many obstacles together. For a couple of young kids, I would say we have faced many mountains, but GOD! For every struggle we praise GOD, for every success we praise GOD because either way if it were not for GOD it would be absolutely impossible to make here today!

To everyone we say, no matter what obstacles may be before you, trust in the LORD for peace and guidance, HE will never fail you! It was through the storm of COVID-19 that Prosperity Home Health Care, LLC. came about.

About Prosperity Home Health Care

We truly believe in putting our clients first. Prosperity Home Health Care is a client-focused integrated healthcare delivery platform with the goal of providing the highest level of quality care. We provide care and assistance for all, from chronically ill, physically/mentally disabled, post-operated clients, to postpartum mothers and more. Prosperity Home Health Care is one of the premier healthcare agencies in the state of New Jersey. We are part of the community we serve and we understand the challenges and needs of our clients better than any other practice. With our scope of services, we can better meet the needs and offer a full set of programs wherever they are, for all ages and for all medical conditions.

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